Dyme — Fix your money leak




Visuele identity
3D & motion design
Digital & social content

With Dyme's smart saving and budgeting app, with a few clicks you start negotiating for a better energy contract, your zombie subscription is stopped and you get an overview of your spending pattern. This will leave you with more time and money for things that do make you happy.

Dyme stands out with its innovative app and sharp campaigns, but still lacked cohesion and individuality in its visual identity. There was also a need to be able to easily develop new content internally.

After analysing the current brand elements. Several sharpenings were proposed and implemented. These included a clear hierarchy of colours and enriching the style with a 'brand character'; the Dyme - a versatile coin that can serve as a shape, photo mask; static or moving; straight from the front or from a different perspective.

Dyme takes away financial hassles you would rather not think about. This sense of relief is translated into an image construct where emojis - symbolising the subject - literally fade into the background. Endless combinations are possible to give variation and support to a message.

The new style found immediate application in the social media sections we developed as well. These topical, light-hearted and often educational formats are designed in such a way that Dyme can come up with new variations itself, using the developed style guide.

"OOKO helped us add depth to our corporate and visual identity and with playful expressions for our socials. We're super happy with the result and the partnership! They thought along with us, made the process very accessible and - not unimportantly - they deliver quality."

— David Schogt,
Co-founder en Chief Brand Officer