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Pieter Pot


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Actually quite crazy, that we buy all that disposable packaging together with our groceries. Junk that is of no use to yourself but certainly not to the planet. That's why Pieter Pot is on a mission to make packaging-free groceries the standard. There, you can easily order your favourite groceries - packaging-free of course - online in beautiful glass weck pots. Jar empty? Then return it with your next order. So it can be cleaned and reused again. Easy, but above all deliciously sustainable.

Pieter Pot proves that packaging-free shopping does not have to be difficult: with its beautiful pots, open communication and positive approach to the big social and environmental challenge. This positive and playful character is reflected in the branding: the logo, colours, typography and illustrations.

As a start-up, it is important to stay active and visible, yet with limited marketing resources - which, at the end of the day, are also part of a start-up business - this can be challenging. For Pieter Pot, the solution lay in an illustration toolkit where many variations and new compositions could be created from several basic designs.

Pieter Pot aims for a completely packaging-free chain, but unfortunately this is not yet possible for some care products due to hygiene regulations. For these products, we have designed different packaging, such as the toilet roll and kitchen paper wrapper of The Good Roll on which you can play games and find useful tips for when you are, for example, sitting on the pot or when you are cooking. This gives the necessary packaging another function.

"Fan of the Pieter Pot brand? Then you're a fan of OOKO.

OOKO has created Pieter Pot's visual identity and implemented it in many content expressions, brand activations and campaigns. It's a 'potje' joy to work together: they always know how to strike the right chord for our brand, are always very flexible in their availability and willingness to move quickly, and always have the sharp critical eye needed for a consistent brand identity. They take responsibility that you can build and rely upon."

— Jouri Schoemaker,
Founder of Pieter Pot