Valyuu — A good deal for everyone!




Strategy & Brand positioning
Visual identitity
Art direction
Print & packaging design

The great e-waste mountain continues to grow. With the ever-increasing use of electronics and the rapid development within them, products are increasingly being replaced. And those old products? They end up in the drawer or, at worst, in the trash. A shame, according to Valyuu. Because if you sell your product via their recirculation platform, you get good money for it, the buyer a good device and the world a good feeling because nothing new needs to be produced. In other words: a good deal for everyone.

After a successful pilot, Valyuu knew there was enough demand for their service. It was time to introduce themselves to the general public. They asked us to position the brand in the competitive tech market. After an extensive brand positioning process and its visual translation, we delivered a rebranding that allows Valyuu to stand out with their unique product.

The sustainable choices are not always the easiest. They often cost more time or money. Think of a €40 eco cotton t-shirt or unsprayed vegetables from the farmer 10 km away. If we want real sustainable change, Valyuu thinks this should be different. The sustainable choice should then be the easy one; accessible to everyone; regardless of your means. The brand strategy was developed from the thought and solution Valyuu offers: a good deal for everyone - buyer, seller and planet.

The checkmark can also be used, in combination, to highlight the many benefits valyuu offers you.

"Together with OOKO, we worked on Valyuu's positioning and rebranding. During the process, they were a listening ear and always took feedback positively. They argue their thinking very well and that helped us make important choices. We are proud of the end result and that is the most important thing!"

— Ferhat Topuz,
CEO & co-founder of Valyuu